Monday, July 14, 2008

CFNFA aptly named.. infact wonder if one us should put a TM ( trademark) to that. The evening was fantastic.. infact a tad embarasssed when Shaun called me onto stage...wondering why after all these years the 'gang' wanted to listen to me, when they would normally shut me up 20yrs back!. ..see CFNFA

I went and stayed at the ' hostel' ..wanted to live it up. Fundu..once again turned to be my 'roomie' . Though i realized that he had turned into a gentleman and had discarded his 'lungi' for more appropriate night wear :)

The Single Malt was one of the smoothest . To Mahesh's utter surprise , i couldnt recall the brand after having gulped 4 plus pegs of his 'premium brand'.. the name was a bit of tongue twister or rather i would say , definitely a twister after one has downed a few drinks. Mahesh i will make it a point to swear by Aberfeldy , in all future parties.

I also had a chance to meet up several of you , for the first time in 20 yrs !.. wish i could spend a hour with each of you to just chat up with you folks and enjoy sharing each other's experiences .
Another surprise was meeting up with Ghalsu .. now a founder of a MBA institute . some day ala Dean Srikant. Ghalsu , was most surprised to see me in a ' Financial services' organization. He did say ' Raj and Finance' ..boss whats going on ? ..and i had to say ' CFNFA'

Shaun , Akhil and Mahesh , thanks again guys for organizing the wonderful evening..

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